Patient Relations Representative

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Naples, FL
United States
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The Patient Relations Representative is responsible for handling the review and resolution of patient complaints as part of the healthcare system's patient advocacy program.


Responsible for personal contact with patients on a daily basis regarding customer satisfaction, patient rights issues and resolution of patient complaints.
Responsible for helping educate staff in the areas of communication, interpersonal skills, service, recovery, and effective complaint resolution, thereby enhancing the staff's customer service skills.
Responsible for assisting with the coordination of the system's patient/family complaint process as assigned by the Director, Patient Advocacy Program.
Responsible for resolving patient concerns immediately as applicable and referring complaints to the appropriate Department Director, Risk Manager or Medical Director for review and complaint resolution.
Responsible for assisting the system's performance improvement activities in such areas as advanced directives, patient rights and focused studies regarding patient complaints.
Responsible for handling the intake of patient complaints, while fostering service recovery with the patient and promoting the patient's understanding of our healthcare system's complaint procedures.
Responsible for completing documentation on our healthcare system's satisfaction assessment form that clearly outlines the patient's concerns; to whom the complaint was forwarded to for review and follow up, the findings of the complaint review and the actions taken to address the complaint and whether or not the complaint was verified.
Responsible for coordinating the opening and closure of all patients' complaints in accordance with the protocol and time frames outlines in our healthcare system's complaint policy.
Responsible for coordinating the review and resolution of patient complaints in compliance with the regulations of outside regulatory agencies (the Medicare conditions of participation for patient rights; AHCA and JCAHO).
Responsible for writing a closure letter on all patient complaints that outlines the findings of the complaint review and actions taken in response to the patient's complaints.
Responsible for fostering the satisfaction of other departments with the services offered by the Patient Advocacy Program.


Minimum of Bachelor's Degree in related field required
Minimum of 1 year of experience in customer service required
Must have demonstrated good leadership, problem solving, managerial and interpersonal skills
Must have an understanding of state and federal regulations as they relate to patients and conflict management resolution skills
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